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Allen Lee Scott II

A Brief History

I'm an artist currently living in Cincinnati, OH

I was born in 1974 in Newport, KY and studied many years throughout grade school in general, commercial, and graphic arts. I started with Macs in the late 80's with Apple's Studio 8, many years before Photoshop. I started in a dark room exposing film for a large format screen printer, working in pre-press and design. I owned my own screenprinting business, printing tees for many local and national recording artists and comedians. I've also had a hand, (like most insane artists) in every aspect of a album release from start to finish. From writing the songs and lyrics, creating the album art, layout, design, etc... Musically, I've had creative leeway to create some absolutely heavy, yet beautiful doom metal albums since the early 1990's. First in the band I created, Thorns of the Carrion, and later as a member of the band Beneath Oblivion. These two projects constitute over 20 years of my musical endeavors, and you can find extensive print on them online. You can also check the music section for a more detailed listing and history on all these projects. As well as my other, yet unreleased music, with Opium Doom Cult. I've been writing lyrics and poetry in some form most of my adult life, and more seriously the last decade. Some of these chapbooks will see publication in 2019, as well as a collection of Newport, Kentucky short stories. At the end of 2018, I edited all of my phone recorded “walking poems” into a new collection of verse called “Perfumed Skeletons of the Steps”. This book, as well as my first collection, “Newport to the Dregs” are both now available on Amazon. You can also check out a free .pdf download of these books by clicking on the covers below.

As a painter, I have considered myself an abstract expressionist for many years, as well as dabbling in the absurd as a ugly impressionist. I tend to see art with a commercial eye, typically seeing a project in that sense. Shifting from one element, skill, or style to fit the project at hand. From the “Newport to the Dregs” cover to the Beneath Oblivion album covers, my art serves a purpose to an end product. Yet, I also revel in the throwing of paint and work in a emotive, intense state for immediate results. My art incorporates every aspect of my learned abilities, from photography, screenprinting, or graphic design skills to the written word. I find inspiration in both the beautiful and grotesque, and my poetry tends to focus on my environment, the city life. I've always fought for the oppressed, the disenfranchised, and the underdog. I'm currently finishing editing and mixing on the debut Opium Doom Cult album “Tremors to Signal the End”. I'm also working on a collection of poetry and short stories called “The Commoner's Prayer”, which will be released shortly. As well as several other writing projects that will see the light of day later in 2019. I've taken a step away from live performances for the time being, but I can never say never to that mode of expression. A re-release of the Thorns of the Carrion album “The Scarlet Tapestry” is currently in the works, and is being remastered. I'm currently editing liner notes, photos, and updating the album artwork to give that album a proper retrospective, both on CD and 2XLP. As always, I'm accepting new commissions for artwork, graphic/web design, typesetting, photo restoration, flyers, promotional items, and screenprinting. You can contact me below, or email me directly at allenleescott@gmail.com